From CSV to Shared charts without writing a line of code

On 29th of April, we are hosting a new edition of the WATA Academy, where Diego Freniche will talk about MongoDB and creating graphs.

Do you have a large amount of data that you want to visualise? In this workshop you will learn how to import large amounts of data into MongoDB and create attractive charts without writing a single line of code 😬.

An added benefit is that all your data is stored securely in MongoDB and you can access it quickly and easily via a mobile app with Realm Sync.

About the speaker

Computer nerd, retrocomputer collector, Amstrad & Amiga lover, Mobile Developer. Sometimes speaks at places 100% FrauDevT.

Additional information

The aim of the WATA Academy is to add value to the community. Capacity is limited and admission is free. In addition, the workshop has a solidarity effect: any voluntary financial contribution from participants is doubled by WATA Factory, and the entire amount is donated to a social welfare organisation.