MySQL vs. PostgreSQL: Experiences from a practical perspective

Whenever we start developing a new web application, the question arises of how to work with the data. One of the most widespread solutions is relational systems. Systems like MySQL or PostgreSQL are widespread and have as many supporters as detractors.
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From CSV to Shared charts without writing a line of code

On 29th of April, we are hosting a new edition of the WATA Academy, where Diego Freniche will talk about MongoDB and creating graphs.
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Immersive experiences within reach of a website

On 1 April we will host a new edition of the WATA Academy at our premises, where Cynthia Gálvez will talk about Immersive Experiences within the reach of a website.
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Xray for Jira: How we efficiently structure and organise our test environment

In order to offer quality software, we have to ensure optimisation of the automatic processes and test the software thoroughly. For this, we create analyses and reports that help us to successfully identify possible errors.
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Introduction to automated testing with Codeception in PHP projects

What is automated testing? How do we implement it at WATA Factory? What are the reasons that make automated testing so interesting?
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