Flutter becomes the Top-Frontend Technology at WATA Factory

At WATA Factory, we have made the strategic decision to make Flutter our frontend technology of choice because it offers us many advantages.

With Flutter, we are able to create apps for iOS, Android and web with a single code, reducing development costs and time to market. This key factor offers advantages in both maintenance and code expansion. You can learn more about Flutter and its benefits on our website and of course you can also get in touch with us us via our contact form.

Although Flutter is a very young technology, at WATA Factory we can say that we are already specialised in it: We have been working with Flutter for almost 3 years, since the first version

The Flutter department has grown continuously during this time, thanks to senior profiles with a long experience in the sector, who develop Flutter projects with the highest quality standards.

If you are planning to develop a mobile or web application, contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the most suitable technology and working methods for your project.

At WATA Factory, we offer transparency throughout the development process, involve the customer as much as possible in the process and offer a guarantee for cost and delivery date.

We remain at your disposal.

With best regards,

The WATA Factory Team.