Responsibility for the location and the region

WATA Academy

A good company never stands alone, but is rooted in its location and region. The region Andalusia stands for the characteristic Spain with wine, flamenco, sunshine and beautiful beaches.

Less known are the excellent universities, which provide a large number of highly educated computer scientists, or also the well developed IT infrastructure.

From the question of how can we, as WATA Factory, contribute to the region or even give something back to it, the idea of the WATA ACADEMY was born very quickly:

The aim is to create a dynamic, interacting, steadily growing community, in which methods and techniques of continuous quality improvement (TDD, Continuous-Integration, Continuous-Delivery, etc.) in software development are the focus.

Think Tank

The exchange about current impact topics and the identification of future tasks in the IT sector should also become elementary components of the community. In a 4-week cycle, speakers from different fields of expertise around the topic of “software development” are invited to join us in order to impart specific knowledge, and also topics “beyond the edge of one’s own nose” and put them up for discussion.

The participation is free of charge – whether for internal employees, partners, software developers or simply interested parties.