WATA Academy: WATA Factory’s program for the community

The new WATA Factory facilities, located in Jerez de la Frontera, bring many innovations. New technologies to offer clients a greater comfort, benefits for employees and also a specific program for the local community of developers in Cadiz, called the WATA Academy.

WATA Academy is a program with which we want to support the community in the most practical way possible by offering talks and workshops that convey useful knowledge and provide important values.

Therefore, we will have national and international expert speakers from different technologies. Specialists with several years of experience and a multitude of developed projects.

These events will be managed on the Meetup platform. There we publish the different meetings we offer every month and you can register for free. WATA Factory covers the travel and accommodation costs of the various speakers and offers them free of charge to the community.

WATA Factory assumes the travel and accommodation expenses of the various speakers and offers them free of charge to the community.

Furthermore, these events will also have a solidarity component. Every participant, who is grateful having the possibility to attend the free training, can make a donation on a voluntary basis. WATA Factory will double the amount of money raised in each year and donate it to a charity.

We not only want to benefit the developer community, but also help those in need.

? Calendar: https://wata.es/academy