WATA Factory now also speaks .NET!

Ingo Haberkamp, our new head of .NET development at WATA Factory, introduces himself. The current flyer for our new .Net areas is also available for download:WATA.NET.pdf

Dear Sirs,

My name is Ingo Haberkamp and I will be responsible for the .NET development at WATA Factory.

WATA Factory is known as a flexible, reliable and innovative partner for development and deployment of solutions based on Java and PHP technologies. Many of our partners, who have already benefited from our services, often also need support for .Net development and services. Therefore, we now offer the same service they are used to from the PHP and Java area, also for developments and services around .NET technologies.

As usual, we will also offer customer support and project management in German or English language, if desired.

We strive for a long-term strategic partnership with you. Mutual involvement in all important decision-making processes is essential in this respect, regardless of whether it is a matter of finding or training suitable employees according to the needs of our partners or developing or accompanying creative processes for the implementation of our customers’ requirements.

Our new, modern premises here in Andalusia offer plenty of space and technical possibilities for these processes. Of course, you are very welcome to use them here on site.

Be our guest!

Do you have questions about technical details concerning .NET development, our company in general, conditions or commissioning?
Please do not hesitate to contact me. I would also be happy to exchange views with you in a personal conversation.

With kind regards
Ingo Haberkamp
CDO & Key-Account Manager .NET