What is Flutter?

Flutter is a technology from Google that works on multiplatform basis. It is an open-source framework that makes the creating of applications easier. How? With one code for several platforms, like iOS, Android and desktop.
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Maybe you are asking, why is Flutter so popular?

The creation of an application for Android and iOS at the same time, is a dream come true, because you don’t need separate developers for both platforms.
  • Just one code
  • Great performance
  • Timesaving

Just one code

The main advantage of Flutter is the cross-platform development through a single code. This allows shorter launching times, thus reducing implementation costs.

Reusable components

Flutter’s architecture strategy is based on objects called widgets. From a button to a text field, everything is a widget. The development through these widgets facilitates the reuse of components.

Libraries and community

In addition to an ever-growing community, Flutter has extensive libraries with ready-to-use GUI elements that are already developed.

Hot Reload

Hot Reload accelerates the testing during the development, allowing an immediate visualisation of code changes. You can also conveniently see what the result will look like on different platforms.


Multiplatform usage, versatile application

Every application is different, and we are aware of. Therefore, our processes are prepared to develop ideas, to design and launch them. Flutter is one of the amazing tools that help us to make this possible. With Flutter beautiful mobile, web and desktop embedded apps can be developed.

Our team

Experienced team in Flutter and other technologies

At WATA Factory we are convinced of the benefits that Flutter development can offer our customers, which is why we have been committed to this technology for several years.


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