GesA app

Enhancing mental health in the workplace: The GesA approach

GesA tool identifies job demands and resources of employees at work and promotes direct interventions on individual and team level: a strong tool for mental health promotion at work.
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Leading WordPress Page Builder

Core Features and Capabilities of the Leading WordPress Page Builder in 2024

Continuing our blog series delving into WordPress page builders in 2024, this marks the second installment.
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The future of automated testing E2E in Flutter: Maestro

Flutter, the software development tool that uses the Dart language created by Google, offers an incredible and innovative way to develop both on various mobile platforms (Android and IOS) and, in newer versions, in a more traditional web environment for desktop access.
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Introduction to WordPress Page Builders in 2023

Introduction to WordPress Page Builders in 2024

Welcome to the first article in our new blog series exploring WordPress page builders in 2024. Page builders have become an essential tool for many WordPress users over the past decade.
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E2E test automation with Cypress: an elegant and affordable solution

Cypress is a tool for performing front-end testing for web application projects. In this article we will go into more detail and see what its advantages are.
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