E2E test automation with Cypress: an elegant and affordable solution

Cypress is a tool for performing front-end testing for web application projects. In this article we will go into more detail and see what its advantages are.
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Working with Enum Types in Symfony and PostgreSQL 

Sometimes we need a list of valid values for a certain field in the database. To this end, we can create a custom data type in Symfony and use it in our entity mapping definitions. That way, we can also use it in our validations. It’s especially helpful when using PostgreSQL ENUM types.
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Pseudo-Scrum, our own adapted framework in WATA Factory

There is no doubt that we live in a society dominated by marketing. There are terms and concepts that sell. They are like hallmarks of distinction that many try to put on their business card, even if the similarity with reality is, in many cases, only partial.
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Public cloud: what is it and what advantages does it offer

Forward-thinking companies are migrating their services to the cloud because of the advantages it offers. Today we will introduce the concept of the public cloud and its benefits.
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Introduction to the UX concept and its importance for the process of product and service definition

User experience could be defined as the human-centred design process. But it’s not just that, it’s much more, and in this post we’ll tell you all about it.
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