Quantum programming reached the WATA Factory office from New York.

WATA Factory experiences the future of programming at our All Hands event with a quantum computing workshop led by Paco Martín (IBM).

On the 8th and 9th of June we celebrated the 4th WATA Factory All Hands event. For this occasion, we addressed the topic of quantum programming by the expert Paco Martin (IBM), who visited us from New York to give talks and lead a workshop.

Following our tradition of organising themed breakfasts according to different regions, we started the day with a Catalan breakfast. Our colleague briefly explained how to prepare “pà amb tomàquet” and the breakfast was accompanied by other typical products such as “fuet”, “cacaolat” or “mel i mató”.

After breakfast, the speaker Paco Martín gave an extensive and detailed presentation in which we were able to understand the fundamental aspects of quantum programming, its current state, and future projections and trends.

Finally, we were able to put into practice the knowledge acquired through the workshops and get into the basics of quantum programming.

After the first session of the workshop, the whole team went to a restaurant near the facilities, where we tasted local dishes in a cosy atmosphere. After lunch, we continued with the second session.

The first day ended with a networking meeting where drinks and snacks for the participants were kindly provided by WATA Factory. Some colleagues from the team continued the celebration in an Irish pub in the heart of Jerez.

 The second day began with our typical Andalusian breakfast, giving way to a more relaxed day than the previous one.

During the morning of the second day, Paco Martín highlighted the more practical use of quantum computers in today’s world. Throughout this third session, we continued with more advanced concepts that allowed us to go deeper into quantum programming.

The event wrapped up with a meal featuring local flavours at the WATA Factory facilities.

Here are a few more moments from the event: