Our partner, Stella Circle, launches in Germany

Our partner, Stella Circle, launches in Germany

In the fast-moving business cosmos, where every manager is looking for their own constellation of success, Stella Circle is proving to be a revolutionary asteroid.

Founded by former executives Tanja Wielgoß and Stefanie Salata, the German consultancy was created to give managers additional freedom, release them from administrative burdens and enable them to lead with courage.

Stella Circle aims to create an environment where leaders can find support in tackling common business challenges and encourage a more innovative approach to management. It offers a space for growth and access to an exclusive circle of professionals and experts who can respond within 24 hours in critical situations, such as redundancies.

WATA Factory: Technology partner of Stella Circle

WATA Factory is the driving force behind the technology that enables Stella Circle to deliver exceptional services. We are proud to lead the production and development of the entire technical infrastructure as a strong technology partner. We ensure that leaders have the necessary space to grow and manage their operations, and work meticulously to realise Stella Circle’s vision.

Stella Circle is already in orbit and we are delighted to see our work reflected in the company’s success. We are honoured to be an integral part of Stella Circle’s success and to contribute to the entrepreneurial landscape in Germany. It is exciting to explore together the opportunities that exist in the vast entrepreneurial universe.