WATA Factory is preparing for the All Hands event in June

All hands june 2024

On June 13th and 14th, WATA FActory will host a new All Hands event!

On this occasion, we are once again organizing an internal event where our colleagues will present their work on various projects. There is nothing more valuable than learning from our own team members.

As usual, we will open the doors at 9 a.m. to welcome the first colleagues. We will start the day with a hearty German breakfast to celebrate our multicultural environment and appreciate our German colleagues.

Our first speaker will be Fabian T., one of our German project managers. He will give an online presentation about a current project he is working on with the team. In his presentation, Fabian will explain how WATA Factory has contributed to the design and development of an innovative platform, as well as present the applied work methodology and the experiences gained.

After a coffee break, our developer colleagues Paco, Fabio, and Mario will give a presentation titled ‘GesA: A Technical Enhancement from the Development and Quality Assurance Perspective.’ They will explain how they have technically improved the GesA application, a tool for assessing work requirements and resources of employees, as well as promoting mental health in the workplace.

We will recharge with lunch at a nearby restaurant before returning to hold our ever-popular departmental meetings, where we always engage in extensive discussions.

The following day will begin with a traditional Andalusian breakfast, a must in our office in Jerez. The following day will begin with a traditional Andalusian breakfast, a must in our office in Jerez. We will then start a series of three presentations, where we will learn from the experiences of our colleagues with PowerBI in various projects at WATA Factory, KAUFFELD & LORENZO, and q.beyond ibérica. Finally, we will discuss our progress in the field of artificial intelligence to make our daily work even more effective.

Next, we will focus on project-related meetings, working together on each of our projects on-site.

Following that, we will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere for lunch in the office. As the event draws to a close, this will be the perfect moment to exchange impressions and bid farewell until the next All-Hands meeting in September.