WATA Factory prepares for the first All Hands in 2024

All Hands marzo 2024

We have already marked March 7 and 8 on our calendar! The first All Hands of 2024 is coming to WATA Factory’s facilities.

The most exciting thing about this occasion is that the meeting will be internal, and our own colleagues from WATA Factory and q.beyond ibérica will be in charge of leading the trainings of this edition.

It is always an honor to have the participation of invited experts, but in WATA Factory we have an exceptional internal talent. For that reason, this time the workshops will be led by some of our teammates, because there is nothing like learning from our own people.

The doors will open at 9 a.m. to welcome the first arrivals. We will start with a delicious Hungarian breakfast to celebrate the multicultural environment in which we work and start the day full of energy.

Then, we will start the workshops given by in-house experts. Eva Pérez will guide us in “Introduction to accessibility, implementation and testing in a real project”, followed by Antonio García with “Monitoring your systems with Datadog”.

We will recharge our batteries with a lunch in a nearby restaurant, where we will enjoy together the best of Jerez’s gastronomy. On the way back, the last workshop of the day, “Decoding Figma: guide for non-Designers”, by our designer, Raquel Contreras, will be waiting for us.

The next day will begin with the traditional Andalusian breakfast that will give us the strength to continue with another day of training. On Friday, the workshops “Introduction to Cypress” with Mario Gómez and “Code analyzers for the winners”, by Carlos Mayo, are scheduled.

Finally, we will enjoy a lunch in the office, while we put into practice everything we have learned. It will be the perfect final point to share our impressions and say goodbye until the next meeting.