Quantum computing comes to Jerez

WATA Factory and IBM promote the organization of a two-day workshop in Jerez to get you started in the world of quantum programming.

  • Paco Martín, Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Quantum Labs in New York, will travel to Jerez de la Frontera to give talks and workshops in person.
  • The meeting will last two days (Thursday 8 and Friday 9 June) and will be held at the WATA Factory premises.
  • Places are limited until full capacity is reached and there is a possibility of a waiting list. Registration at wata.es/academy.

Quantum Computing: from Zero to Hero

Quantum computing is coming to Jerez. For the first time, the city is hosting a meeting on quantum programming with talks, workshops and Q&A sessions.

The event, Quantum Computing: from Zero to Hero, is organised as part of the WATA Academy initiative, a series of regular meetings organised by WATA Factory and completely free for participants.

Eliezer López, initiator of this initiative, explains: “Jerez has an enormous technological wealth that should be promoted. With events like this, we bring the best experts in each technological field to the city, cover their costs and organise free lectures and workshops for citizens as part of our social commitment.”

Paco Martín, senior engineer at IBM Quantum Labs in New York, who will be giving the talks and workshops on quantum programming, has recognised that our country has an “exquisite technical community in all fields” and encourages the restless who love learning new concepts and are constantly tinkering to attend the event and soak up this new trend in quantum computing.


The event will start on Thursday 8 June at 11:00 with an introductory talk and a question and answer session. After that, participants will take their workstations and we will start the workshop.

At 13:30 there will be a lunch break to eat, spend time together and “network”.

Between 15:15 and 18:00 we will continue with the second session of the workshop where we will be introduced to the concepts of quantum computing in a practical way.

From 18:30 we will start Beerworking, where we can get to know each other better over a drink. Thursday’s session will end around 19:30.

Friday’s session will start at 10:30 am. We will finish the workshop, enjoy a talk on the future of this technology and end the event with a final Q&A session.

In conclusion, WATA Factory invites all the participants to a small snack in the office at 1:30 pm.

The global strategy consulting firm McKinsey estimates that quantum computing will generate a trillion dollar market in the coming years, and quantum computing is expected to be the basis for one of the next technological revolutions.

The Quantum Computing: from Zero to Hero event offers a limited number of places until full capacity is reached, with the possibility of a waiting list. You can register at wata.es/academy.

Quantum computers: a new technological foundation for the future

Quantum computers are a type of computer that use the principles of quantum mechanics to perform information processing operations. Unlike classical computers, which use bits that can only take on the value 0 or 1, quantum computers use qubits (quantum bits) that can take on multiple values simultaneously.

This property of qubits is called quantum superposition and enables quantum computers to perform certain operations much faster than conventional computers. In addition, these computers can take advantage of another phenomenon called quantum entanglement, which allows them to process information in parallel in a way that classical computers cannot.

Quantum programming takes a different approach to conventional programming. Instead of classical programming languages such as PHP, Java or Python, programming languages are used that are already adapted to quantum computing, such as Qiskit, Quil or Cirq. Quantum programming is about understanding quantum algorithms, i.e. algorithms designed to exploit the capabilities of these computers. Examples of quantum algorithms include Grover’s algorithm and Shor’s algorithm.

Several leading companies in the IT sector are using quantum computing. Some examples are Google with its Sycamore processor, Microsoft with its Azure Quantum and even IBM itself with its IBM Quantum, which we will access in the workshop.

Register for the event at wata.es/academy.

+ Info

👩🏻‍💻 The aim of “Quantum Computing: from Zero to Hero” is to create added value for the community.
🎤 Format: lectures in English, workshops and practical exercises in English and Spanish.
🎟 Free entry until full capacity is reached. Registration via Meetup is mandatory.
🌏 If you need a place to work, we will provide you in the morning with a desk, chair and internet connection so that you can spend the day comfortably in the WATA Factory office.