Take a virtual tour of WATA Factory’s premises

In this article we talk about the new working concept at WATA Factory and show our office space.

When we at WATA Factory decided it was time to grow as a company, we knew we had to move to a new office that would meet all our needs.

The ideation, development and construction process for the new WATA facilities proved to be a creative process involving both staff and specialists from the design and construction sectors. The passion that was put into this almost year-long work process can be seen in the following video.

In the first year, we enjoyed all the benefits that our new premises offered: Meetings in a creative environment, team lunches, public events, relaxing breaks in the massage chair, daily Playstation championships, etc.

However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, we had to take a break from our usual way of working. During the lockdown, we implemented an exclusively remote-working model.

The new reality

We cannot ignore the fact that remote working is here to stay. It offers a number of benefits for workers and companies. These include work-life balance and saving the cost and time of commuting. We must also not forget the positive impact that such a reduction in commuting has on the environment, which is very important nowadays.

On the other hand, face-to-face work also offers advantages such as social contacts. Certain meetings and workshops benefit from having facilities that encourage creativity and teamwork. In addition, our offices also make good meeting places with our clients.

At WATA Factory, we have opted for a model where the worker can choose between remote, on-site or hybrid work depending on his or her situation (distance to the office, availability of a suitable workspace at home, etc.). In this way, the worker can benefit from the model that best suits his or her needs.

However, we do not want to give up the advantages of premises that serve, among other things, as a meeting place for our team. It is important to see colleagues regularly in person, not only on the screen. That’s why we occasionally get together for breakfast or lunch in the office to spend time with the team and exchange ideas about professional as well as personal topics. This way we can also socialise with colleagues who are not involved in our projects and with whom we rarely have to deal during a working day at home. In this way, the bond with all colleagues is strengthened and the sense of belonging and cooperation that we strive for at WATA Factory is promoted.

In addition, we organise social and teamwork days at our facilities every two months, where, in addition to promoting networking, our employees receive training given by experts in different technologies.

Virtual tour

By clicking here, you can take a tour of our facilities using Google Street View.

And the following 360º video will also show you the details of the interior of our office.