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Helping families in need through agricultural projects

We are in contact with several Non-Profit Organizations (NGO) whose aim is to reintegrate people, who are threatened by social and labour exclusion, back into society by using organic gardens. Through agricultural projects they are provided with food for everyday life and receive an education that enables them to establish themselves on the labour market.

WATA Factory will donate the same amount each year that is collected at these events. So, when the money is handed over, twice the amount will be donated.

As soon as we have completed the cooperation project, we will publish all information on this page.

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Your first steps in the cloud with Amazon Web Services

In this practical workshop we will start from scratch and learn what the cloud is, what kind of global infrastructure it provides and how to start developing or managing applications in the cloud.

Event information

Date: 3 April 2020
Time: 16:00
Address: Avenida Tío Pepe 8, Planta 1. 11407, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

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