WATA Factory will be on holiday from 23 December to 8 January

As in previous years, WATA Factory is taking a two-week company holiday over Christmas. From 23 December to 8 January we will take a winter break to start the new year full of energy.
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First face-to-face gathering of the team after 3 years of remote work

On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th of October, the 1st All Hands of WATA Factory and q.beyond Ibérica took place – a company event, which will take place every two months in the future, and at which the entire team will have the opportunity to meet again and carry out various training activities together.
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Working with Enum Types in Symfony and PostgreSQL 

Sometimes we need a list of valid values for a certain field in the database. To this end, we can create a custom data type in Symfony and use it in our entity mapping definitions. That way, we can also use it in our validations. It’s especially helpful when using PostgreSQL ENUM types.
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The Cloud Day

The Cloud Day is an event focused on Cloud Computing in which you can enjoy experts in different technologies. During this day, we will have two practical workshops guided by Daniel Buenestado and Laura Morillo.
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Serverless Application: cloud development workshop

This an entry level session in which we will cover Cloud Functions and NoSQL serverless databases. Our, goal is to give a high level overview of the different cloud offerings (IaaS, PaasS and SaaS), as well as do deep dive into serverless functions. We will build a demo application that uses serverless components.
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