WATA Factory

Introduction to BDD with Codeception

Thanks to the BDD approach we have solved the communication problems between business and technical teams. It promotes the use of automated testing to verify all requirements of a project and by combining it with frameworks like Codeception we can create and run the tests automatically, writing the story using a common language: ‘Gherkin’.
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Serious games

Serious games are games with other purposes beyond entertainment. Serious games have proved their benefits in diverse educational environments. As the player interacts with the game, the interactions can be stored in log files. These log files can be analyzed through process mining techniques to discover models and evaluate the players’ behaviour.
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The Mayor of Jerez de la Frontera visits our new facilities

Mamen Sanchez, Mayor of Jerez, visits the new facilities of WATA Factory, a software company that is expanding in the city.
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