WATA Factory will enjoy new facilities from September

Since its foundation, WATA Factory has set itself the goal of offering its customers and employees the best service in all areas.

This attitude has led us to a steady growth in recent years, which has enabled and motivated us to continue to innovate and improve in various areas of the company. For us, the well-being of our employees has a direct impact on the quality of the products and services we develop. We believe that satisfied employees are the best version of themselves and will show this in every line of written code.

In order to adapt to our current growth, we have decided to open up new office space in the heart of Jerez. On almost 900 square meters we now have the opportunity to put our vision of modern agile work into practice. We are accompanied by a professional team of architects. The interior architect's office Eeba has created a meaningful and comprehensible concept from many different creative ideas of our employees and management. The architect José Ángel Orgambides is responsible for the successful conversion of the creative ideas into the concrete building measures.

WATA Factory Blog Building Rendering 1019x573 01

We acquired these premises with the aim of redesigning our offices from the ground up:
Only columns and exterior walls have remained. The first thing we did was to completely empty the rooms.

We have also renovated the roof and provided it with light shafts.

Cádiz is a synonym for light: for this reason, we take great care to ensuring that our premises are optimally lit.

That is how we ensure that our employees have very good working conditions.

We'll leave you with the last pictures we took. We continue working!

In the following photo you can see two spaces: the one on the left, corresponding to the kitchen, and the one on the right, corresponding to the Think tank.

And of course, in parallel we advance in the construction of the workspaces, where the teams will work focused on different technologies.

Tanques espaciosos y adaptados a las necesidades de los equipos 

WATA Factory's logo is already on the front of the building

We also have a relaxed area for daily meetings and rest

The facilities have evolved a lot. We are about to add furniture to what will be our work areas.

The shelves for our internal library are looking great!

At the same time, the final touches are given to the exterior facade.